Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A picture a day

I've been avoiding blogging because I feel too overwhelmed with writing about everything that's happened since my last post. My solution: don't do it. I'm just going to start fresh. My new resolution is to post at least one picture with a short narrative comment every day. If nothing eventful happened that day, I'll just post an old picture for fun. Today, enjoy a few more of my wedding photos!


Trent & Emily Davies said...

Ahh I love all the wedding pictures! I can't believe how old Doug looks!! I still remember him as a little boy running around the backyard with Michael!! I guess they grow up!

You look amazing and perfect in every picture...I hate you!

Bug said...

Oh so pretty! Love it, love it, love it and... hey, there's me!

Paul and Ainsley Anderson said...

You look amazing! So so beautiful!!!!!